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Can You Exercise Loose Skin Away?

As you come to the end of your weight loss journey, you may notice a significant amount of loose skin on your body. Although your first instinct may be to continue dieting and exercising until that skin goes away, that is unlikely to produce results. Dr. Rudy Coscia explains why healthy habits are not enough […]

By Dr. Rudy Coscia on December 20, 2021

Treating Excess Skin After Significant Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise or weight loss surgery is a monumental accomplishment. Unfortunately, many individuals who lost a lot of weight, especially within a short period of time, are left with folds of loose, sagging skin that serve as an unpleasant reminder of who they used to be. Having […]

By Dr. Rudy Coscia on September 15, 2020

What Is a Body Lift?

If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight recently, you may be a good candidate for a total body lift. In cases of major weight loss, the skin can’t keep up with fat loss, meaning it can become loose and saggy. This surgery helps counteract that effect by removing excess skin and contouring the body, […]

By Dr. Rudy Coscia on February 14, 2018

Do All Post-Bariatric Patients Need Surgery?

For many obese patients, the concept of going through surgery starts and ends with bariatric surgery, which is a surgical procedure that’s designed to help people lose large quantities of weight over a short period of time.  Common bariatric procedures include the lap-band surgery (where a band is placed around the stomach to limit food […]

By Dr. Rudy Coscia on September 16, 2016