Body Contouring Procedures

Body Lift

Body lift is intended to target areas of excess skin and fat and improve the contours in the upper body and/or lower body. Body lift is tailored to each individual patient based on the specific areas of concern.

Some patients opt for lower body lift, which removes excess skin and fat from the lower torso, or trunk. Typically lower body lift includes abdominoplasty, which treats excess abdominal skin and fat and tightens the abdominal wall muscles. Lower body lift also involves removing excess skin and fat from the lower back. The incision is usually placed below the underwear line and extends around the circumference of the lower torso.

Other patients opt for upper body lift, which removes excess skin and fat along the chest, extending around to the upper back. The incision is generally made just underneath the bra or bikini line.

Breast Lift

The breast area is a common area of concern for many women after significant weight loss. Breast lift (mastopexy) removes excess loose skin and rearranges the breast tissue higher on the chest wall for a more youthful contour. The remaining breast skin is tightened and the areolas are lifted higher on the breasts to create a perkier look.

Arm Lift

Arm lift (brachioplasty) is a great solution for patients with residual excess skin on the upper arms. Through an incision extending from elbow to armpit, excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin tightened. Arm lift creates a leaner, more elegant-looking arm contour.

Thigh Lift

Excess skin on the inner thighs left over after weight loss can be treated with thigh lift. The thigh lift incisions are usually created within the groin crease; however, some patients with extensive amounts of excess skin may need an extended incision that runs from the groin crease down to the knee. Through the incisions, excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin is tightened.

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