A thigh lift is an excellent choice for people who want to get rid of sagging thigh skin – but what can you expect from your recovery process? For example, will you be able to sit or walk after a thigh lift?

Read on to discover our surprising advice on moving and sitting after thigh lift surgery.

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Why Bed Rest is Recommended After a Thigh Lift

You will be able to sit after a thigh lift, but it’s not recommended that you sit for long periods of time during the first week of recovery. In fact, we tell patients to go on bed rest for the first week, as the thigh lift incisions may be at risk for splitting with too much movement.

This answer might surprise you, especially if you’ve undergone plastic surgery before; usually, plastic surgeons encourage patients to walk early to avoid post-op blood clots. Not so with the thigh lift – walking too early can put too much pressure on your thigh lift incisions, which may interfere with your final results. In some cases, too much movement can cause the incisions to split and even become infected.

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Think of your bed rest as an opportunity to catch up on some much-needed “me” time. Queue up your favorite shows on Netflix, grab some books you’ve been meaning to read, or binge those true-crime podcasts your friends have been telling you all about. This is your time to rest, recover, and become excited about your thigh lift results.

By the way, you should expect to start moving again – and sitting, too – after your first week of recovery. Most patients return to work at this point, except for individuals who may perform more manual work.

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