While Dr. Rudy Coscia, a board-certified plastic surgeon with impressive credentials, performs plastic surgery year-round, patients often ask when the ideal time to schedule a specific procedure is. For abdominoplasty (aka tummy tuck), Dr. Coscia and his staff strongly suggest the winter months. In this blog, he explains why he recommends that you give yourself plenty of time before your exciting summer reveal.

Don’t Underestimate Your Recovery Time

If you are like many of Dr. Coscia’s patients, you probably have “summer” on the brain when you think about tummy tuck. The number one goal is having a smooth, flat tummy for swimsuit season. Unfortunately, some people mistime their tummy tuck by not factoring in adequate downtime. While most patients feel well enough to return to work within a couple weeks, it can take a few months for the swelling to subside, with the possibility of some residual swelling lingering for several months. To ensure that you look your best before you hit the beach or pool, scheduling your surgery for winter is best.

While spring abdominoplasty can be enough time for some patients to be ready for summer fun, one mistake patients make is assuming that they can have the surgery performed almost instantly. As one of Sacramento’s best surgeons, Dr. Coscia has a busy schedule, so you may be booked for a consultation/surgery further out than you originally hoped.

Winter Is More Convenient for Recovery Anyway

Winter is a great time to recover from plastic surgery for a few reasons. First, it’s cold out, so you are more inclined to want to stay indoors anyway. Second, it’s easier to hide your recovering body under winterwear like sweatshirts, sweatpants and other baggy attire. Third, with so many holidays falling in the winter, you may be able to overlap your recovery time with holidays, which means taking fewer days off from work.

Your Timetable May Be Different

Summer may be the top goal for tightening the midsection, but your priorities may vary. For example, if you are most excited about a tropical getaway you have planned for the winter, you may need to shift your timeline and schedule abdominoplasty with Dr. Coscia in the late summer.

Rather than having you guess when the optimal time for tummy tuck is, we encourage patients to schedule a conversation with us so we can offer our professional advice and provide you with the most optimal results possible. To schedule a consultation, please call 916-773-5559 to reach our Granite Bay office and 916-929-1833 for our Sacramento office.


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