What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a plastic surgery that harvests unwanted fat from one area of the body, purifies it and then adds it to another area that can benefit from having extra fat. It is a popular choice among patients who wish to enhance their look with their own tissue rather than a synthetic implant. Elite plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia explains some of the best areas to move fat to and from:

Where Fat Is Transferred From

Half the excitement surrounding fat transfer is the ability to lose unwanted fat in targeted areas. During a consultation, patients can share which areas of their body have fat deposits they want to reduce. Dr. Coscia also examines the patient’s body and makes recommendations as to which areas will be the easiest to harvest usable fat from.

Mutually, Dr. Coscia and the patient agree upon the areas that can achieve the best results. Areas where fat is most likely to be taken from include the inner thighs, buttocks, abdomen and flanks because this is where fat is most likely to be stubborn.

Some patients may choose to remove more fat from an area than what might be necessary to graft. After all, a patient’s goal is to feel happy with the new contours not only in the area to which fat is transferred, but also in the areas from which fat is suctioned.

Areas to Which Fat Is Grafted

The leading fat grafting procedure is Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Coscia can move the patient’s own body fat to the backside for a curvier, more voluminous appearance. Since this fat is highly moldable, Dr. Coscia can produce better contours with BBL.

Facial fat grafting is also gaining in popularity. With age, the face can start to lose volume, which causes it to look gaunt. Fat reinserted in the face can help to create the appearance of killer cheek bones or mimic the baby fat present on youthful faces. Fat placed just beneath the eyes can fill in bags that make the face look tired. Some may opt for fat to be inserted at the chin to give the jawline more definition.

Finally, some breast procedures may be performed with fat rather than breast implants. Borrowing fat from another area, Dr. Coscia can perform breast augmentation or even breast reconstruction for patients who have had a mastectomy without needing to rely on traditional breast implants. Patients who choose to use their own fat generally do so to avoid having a foreign object in their chest.

Discuss Fat Transfer Procedures with Dr. Coscia

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