Can-You-Have-a-Baby-After-a-Tummy-Tuck-Dr-CosciaA tummy tuck is a great procedure for moms who want to repair some of the damage done to the abdominal wall during pregnancy.  The abdominal wall – which is responsible for helping your stomach look tighter – has to stretch to accommodate the growing baby during pregnancy; as a result, new moms often struggle with sagging stomachs that won’t respond to diet and exercise.

When performed by an experienced and skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, a tummy tuck repairs the damaged abdominal walls and returns the muscles back to their previous position.  Additionally, a tummy tuck includes liposuction and excess skin trimming helping to minimize the appearance of a sagging, loose stomach.

While a tummy tuck is a great choice for moms who want to get their pre-baby bodies back, many women hesitate to undergo this procedure because they believe they can’t have a baby after a tummy tuck.

But is this true? 

The short answer is that you can have a baby after a tummy tuck without risking your health or the health of your baby.  However, if you’re planning on getting pregnant again within the next couple of years, it might be a good idea to hold off on undergoing the procedure until after you’re done having children.  That’s because another pregnancy can stretch and damage the abdominal muscles, which could impact the results of your previous tummy tuck procedure.

As a result, you might have to undergo the procedure again to return to your pre-baby appearance. 

Additionally, it’s recommended that patients avoid gaining a significant amount of weight after the tummy tuck procedure, as weight gain can also impact the results of the tummy tuck.

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