Dr. Rudy Coscia has dedicated his career to helping women attain breasts that make them feel content and confident. For many women, this means changing the size of their breasts with procedures like breast augmentation or breast reduction. For other women, it means elevating the position of the breasts with breast lift. In this blog, Dr. Coscia outlines some of the reasons women choose to have breast lift.

1. To Revive the Breasts after Pregnancy

After giving birth, women can expect to see significant changes to their bodies, with the breasts being no exception. Since breast tissue repeatedly enlarges and shrinks during the nursing process, women usually notice that their breasts seem deflated by the time the baby is weaned. Breast lift is an effective way to restore the fullness and higher positioning of the breasts after a pregnancy.

2. To Counteract the Effects of Weight Loss

While pregnancy is an example of a period when a woman is likely to gain and then lose weight, countless more go through this process simply by adjusting their diet and exercise routines. Women who lose a significant amount of weight may be excited to have a trimmer body, but then become dissatisfied when they notice their breasts have lost volume and begun to sag because of this weight loss. Breast lift is a surgical solution for presenting the breasts in a youthful, appealing way on the body.

3. To Attain Perky Nipples

Women in their 20s tend to have nipples that point outward and sit higher on the breasts. Alas, with age, these nipples gradually droop, pointing toward the ground while also resting closer to the breast fold. With breast lift, Dr. Coscia can ensure that the nipples look more like they did in their earlier years, sitting high on the chest and pointing straight in a “perky” manner.

4. To Minimize Rashes

As breast sagging becomes more significant due to skin laxity, the natural crease where the lower part of the breast meets the chest becomes more prominent. At this crease, women can expect to notice sweat accumulation and friction, which increases the risks for rashes and other types of skin irritation. After having breast lift, women tend to notice that their breasts feel more comfortable and experience less chafing.

Discuss Breast Lift with a Leading Plastic Surgeon

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