What-s-Better-For-Modest-Natural-Results-A-Teardrop-or-Round-Implant-For many women, the idea of having excessive cleavage from breast augmentation may be unappealing.  These women are looking for enhanced breasts that add volume and size, without creating the kind of cleavage that’s often a big giveaway of a breast augmentation procedure.

With that in mind, what’s better for modest, natural results: a teardrop-shaped implant, or a round implant?

The answer is that it’s often not the implant itself that matters – it’s the skill of the plastic surgeon you’d like to work with.  While the anatomical shape of the implant influences the shape of the breasts, a highly skilled and qualified plastic surgeon can help you select which type of implant can best achieve your results.

Most women who desire augmentation have a depression in the upper pole of the breast.  Round implants tend to give a more prominent upper pole of the breast.  For women who desire a more augmented look, round implants are often the implant of choice.  The purpose of a shaped implant is to control the fullness of the upper pole.  The shaped implant allows for increased fullness to the upper pole but prohibits the appearance of excessive fullness.  Essentially it provides a very natural slope to the breast. 

Additionally, shaped implants actually “shape” the breasts while increasing fullness.  Round implants simply augment the current shape of the breasts.  Therefore, women who do not have any shape or any good shape to their breasts can obtain more ideal shape by using these shaped devices. 

Always ask your plastic surgeon which type of implant he or she prefers for natural-looking results.  Additionally, ask to see a portfolio of past patients who’ve had similar requests, as these previous cases can give you a more accurate depiction of the plastic surgeon’s skills.

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