Understanding Breast Implant Exchange

Breast implant exchange is designed to replace your implants with a different pair. Depending on your motivation for surgery and how long it has been since your primary breast surgery, breast implant exchange may help you achieve the size you originally wanted, or it can adjust your implants so they align with your current lifestyle and goals.

The key to successful breast implant exchange is open and honest communication with your plastic surgeon. Both you and Dr. Coscia should be very clear about what you hope to achieve from surgery and what you can expect after the second surgery. When you consult with Dr. Coscia about implant exchange, try to bring in the surgical report from your primary breast augmentation as well as information about your existing implants. It is also useful to bring in photographs of what you hope to look like after your implant exchange. Together, you and Dr. Coscia will select your new implant size and plan out your revision surgery.

You should find that revision surgery itself is quite similar to your first breast augmentation. If possible, Dr. Coscia will try to use the existing incision lines to remove the old implants and place the new pair.

Some factors can make the procedure slightly more involved:

  • If it has been a long time since your first surgery and your breasts have naturally sagged
  • If you are replacing very small implants with a much larger pair
  • If you are replacing very large implants that have stretched out your natural breast tissue and skin

However, Dr. Coscia is well-equipped to work around those challenges. He can address these issues with you and explain how he will help you achieve your goals. For instance, he may recommend combining implant exchange with breast lift to tighten up loose skin and tissues for perkier breasts.

Learn More About Breast Implant Exchange

For more information about replacing your implants with a bigger or smaller pair, please contact our practice and request an appointment with Dr. Coscia. Call or email us today.

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