Lighter Weight on the Chest

Women who seek breast reduction are excited to increase their wardrobe and wear a smaller bra, but they do not always realize how much lighter their chest is after surgery. By virtue of having less breast tissue, the breasts are not as heavy as they were previously. The reduction in weight usually has an impact on the back, neck and shoulders by alleviating chronic pain. Some women even see their posture improve.

A Lifting Effect

A breast lift is a procedure that raises sagging breasts to a more youthful position. One underappreciated facet of breast reduction is that it includes the elements of a breast lift as part of the procedure. After removing excess fat and tissue, Dr. Coscia positions the breasts higher on the chest so that they look attractive and proportional to the patient’s frame. Additionally, the nipples are usually repositioned, with the areolas resized so the breasts continue to look natural.

A Potential Change in Sensitivity

When incisions are made along the breast and tissue is removed, this can alter the way the breasts feel. Patients commonly experience numbness or tingling in the initial weeks. Nipple sensitivity can also change, with some women experiencing heightened sensitivity and others noticing a decrease in sensitivity. Some women even express that their breasts do not feel like their own for the first few months. The good news is that, for most, these changes go away with time.

Less Irritation

Large, drooping breasts are known to chafe against the stomach, generating rashes. Sweat and moisture get caught between the folds of skin, which can even lead to infections. Once the breasts have been reduced in size and lifted, many of these skin irritations go away, which allows your breasts to feel more comfortable.

Make an Appointment

Having concerns about the ways cosmetic surgery will change your breasts is valid and understandable. Fortunately, when you choose a doctor who is not only technically skilled, but also concerned with your physical and emotional wellbeing, the experience is overwhelmingly positive. To learn more about why breast reduction patients are so satisfied with Dr. Coscia’s work, please schedule a consultation.

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