Board Certification

At an absolute minimum, your chosen rhinoplasty surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This voluntary credential indicates the surgeon has completed an accredited residency training program in plastic surgery and passed thorough oral and written examinations testing his or her knowledge of all procedures in the specialty. In order to maintain board certification, a plastic surgeon must complete continuing medical education courses.

Surgical Portfolio

Board certification indicates your plastic surgeon is proficient in rhinoplasty, but it does not tell you anything about the surgeon’s artistic skill or the type of aesthetic results they are able to deliver.

Studying a portfolio of before-and-after patient photographs is a more effective way to assess a surgeon’s aesthetic style. Ideally, the portfolio should display a wide variety of high-quality patient images that were taken in good lighting and include multiple views from different angles. You and your chosen surgeon should have a similar sense of what looks good.

When looking at the photographs, try to find patients who have nasal deformities similar to yours in the “before” images. This will help you determine whether your chosen surgeon has the ability to address your specific concerns.

Personalized Care

It’s important to select a rhinoplasty surgeon who sees you as a unique individual and can improve your nose to complement the rest of your face. If a surgeon’s results look cookie-cutter and not customized to each patient’s face, you would be better off working with someone else. Your face is too important to trust to someone who takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach!

Clear, Consistent Communication

Undergoing any type of plastic surgery is a significant life event that requires careful planning and follow-up. Your surgeon should take time to patiently answer your questions and explain what you can expect before and after surgery. If your surgeon’s communication style is not clear or consistent, or they seem impatient or distracted, consider this a red flag and look elsewhere.

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