Physical and Functional Benefits of Breast Reduction

Removing excess breast tissue and skin reduces or eliminates chronic back, neck or shoulder pain associated with oversized, heavy breasts. It helps alleviate constant welts on the shoulders from bra straps digging into the skin. Breast reduction can help resolve breathing difficulties and posture problems due to the size or weight of the breasts.

Breast reduction is very conducive to leading an active lifestyle. Women who undergo breast reduction usually find it easier to move around and enjoy greater freedom of movement. With smaller, lighter breasts, you can jog, swim, hike and enjoy other athletic or high-impact activities.

Cosmetically, breast reduction brings the breasts into proportion with the rest of the body for a more appealing appearance. It is much easier to find bras and clothing that fit and flatter the newly improved bust. Breast reduction can help even out asymmetrical breasts and bring them into line with one another.

Psychological Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction can have extremely positive, healing effects on attitude, mood and outlook. For most patients, the surgery offers peace of mind from the emotional damage inflicted by oversized breasts.

With smaller, more proportional-looking breasts, many women find they are more confident and comfortable in their own skin. They enjoy greater self-image and may be more assertive than they were with large breasts. Women that undergo breast reduction are overjoyed to find they are no longer subjected to unwanted attention, harassment or bullying due to the size of their breasts.

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