They vet their surgeon carefully.

Selecting the right plastic surgeon can mean the difference between loving and disliking your results. The happiest plastic surgery patients vet their surgeon carefully by double-checking their credentials and experience.

Instead of looking for a surgeon who offers discount pricing or displays a flashy social media presence, focus on finding someone who specializes in your chosen procedure and whose aesthetic style aligns with your own.

They have reasonable expectations of treatment.

Having reasonable expectations of plastic surgery is also critically important to your ultimate satisfaction. If you expect that plastic surgery will make you look like a clone of someone else, improve your interpersonal relationships or increase your popularity, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

This is an area where your choice of surgeon really matters. Reputable plastic surgeons with integrity are candid about what surgery can and cannot achieve. For example, Dr. Coscia will be upfront with you if he feels your expectations of your chosen procedure are unrealistic, or if he believes you are better suited to another procedure. When you and your plastic surgeon are on the same page, you are much more likely to love your results.

They prepare for recovery ahead of time.

All surgical procedures require a recovery period. Depending on your chosen procedure, you will spend at least a week or two resting and relaxing as your body heals.

In Dr. Coscia’s experience, the happiest patients are the most prepared for the recovery period. Making arrangements for meals, laundry and chores ahead of time takes the stress out of the recovery process and allows patients to focus solely on relaxing.

They understand more than one procedure may be necessary.

The happiest patients understand that their desired results may require a combination of procedures, and they trust their surgeon to recommend treatment plans that will best serve them.

For example, a mother who wants to rejuvenate her breasts after having children understands that she may need breast implants and a breast lift to enjoy larger, perkier breasts. If Dr. Coscia were only to augment her breasts with implants, it would not affect breast sagging; and if he were only to lift the breasts, it would not change the breasts’ size or fullness. In certain situations, undergoing one procedure without the other can set a patient up for disappointment.

To see for yourself why Dr. Coscia’s patients are consistently delighted with their plastic surgery results, book a one-on-one consultation with the doctor. Call or email us today to request an appointment.

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