Which Breast Lift Technique Is Best for Me?

The two most common types of breast lift are the “lollipop” and “anchor” lifts. Dr. Coscia will generally recommend the appropriate technique after examining your breasts, though your input matters. A lollipop lift is suitable for moderate breast sagging, while an anchor lift can tackle serious sagging. Both lifts rely on a vertical incision from the areola down to the breast crease, while the anchor lift adds a horizontal incision along the breast crease.

Would I Benefit from Breast Augmentation Too?

Breast lift rejuvenates the breasts by elevating them to a more youthful position on the chest. What the procedure does not do is change the volume of the breasts. If you are hoping your breasts will look bigger after your lift, then you may want to speak to Dr. Coscia about combining breast augmentation with your mastopexy. Implants are a great way to add fullness to the breasts and achieve the precise physique you desire.

Because breast volume can decrease after weight loss or breast feeding, Dr. Coscia regularly pairs these procedures for women who want to reattain the former size of their breasts.

What Will Happen to My Nipples During Breast Lift?

Due to aging and sagging, the nipples tend to move lower on the breasts and point downward. To ensure that your breasts look young and “perky,” Dr. Coscia can adjust the placement of the areolas so that they sit higher on the breasts and project outwards. If you have specific wishes pertaining to the appearance of your nipples, communicate that to Dr. Coscia during the consultation phase.

Can You Show Me Real Photos of Your Previous Breast Lift Patients?

One of the best ways you can determine whether your surgeon is capable of achieving an amazing transformation is to look at photos of his or her previous patients. Experienced plastic surgeons should have several photographs that demonstrate the quality of work and inform you what your own breasts may look like after lift surgery. Dr. Coscia is proud of his before and after photo gallery, as well as his overwhelmingly positive patient reviews.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Coscia

As a fellow at The Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Coscia studied breast lift under top surgeons, becoming an expert at the procedure. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his patients and would be happy to answer all your questions about breast lift during a consultation. Please request a meeting at his Granite Bay or Sacramento office today.

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