Arriving at the decision to change your breasts with surgery is an important step towards enhancing your physical appearance and boosting your confidence. Your consultation with a plastic surgeon serves as an opportunity to gain more information about the procedure, address your questions, and discuss your aesthetic goals. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia is eager to help you along your breast augmentation journey. Learn more about how you can make the most out of your consultation.

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Preparation is the key when it comes to your breast augmentation consultation. Consider the following tips:

Research your surgeon: Many surgeons perform breast augmentations; however, the goal is to find a surgeon who is experienced and qualified. Additionally, your surgeon should have photos conveniently available, which allows prospective patients to review them at their leisure as they learn more about their surgeon. Dr. Coscia has extensive experience providing one-of-a-kind patient care while delivering outstanding results for his patients. His before and after photos can be found here.

Explore your implant options: Choosing the type of breast implant you want is a major decision, and patients often find it useful to conduct some preliminary research about their implant options. For example, it may be helpful to learn more about silicone implants if you desire a natural look and feel. Saline and gummy bear implants are also available at Dr. Coscia’s office, and he will help you make a final decision based on your unique needs and goals.

Prepare your questions: One of the most beneficial aspects of the consultation is the discussion portion. You will have the space to ask questions, have your concerns addressed, and gain a clear understanding of the procedure. You will likely have questions about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure, so having these questions written down can be a big help.

Be ready to discuss your medical history and lifestyle: Your medical history and lifestyle will play a large role in determining your candidacy for breast augmentation surgery. You will need to provide Dr. Coscia with this information, so it is important to come ready to discuss your history. This may include a list of medications, past surgeries, medical conditions, and other factors.

Schedule Your Breast Consultation in Sacramento and Coeur d’Alene

Dr. Coscia and his skilled team are ready to help you enhance your appearance. Dr. Coscia regularly performs breast augmentation surgery on patients in Sacramento and Coeur d’Alene. In addition, he provides a range of procedures to help patients reveal the best version of themselves. Schedule your consultation today by getting in touch with our office.

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