The expression “wide-eyed” is used to describe someone who is childlike or naïve. Its origin is not hard to figure out: younger people tend to have wider eyes. As a person gets older, their upper eyelids start to sag, covering more of their eyes. Hence, narrower eyes can indicate advanced age.

It is no surprise that people who want to rejuvenate their face often direct their attention toward the eyes. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia helps many patients who wish to refresh their appearance by performing upper eyelid surgery.

How Aging Affects the Eyes

Collagen is a protein that is responsible for keeping the skin firm and tight. Because the body produces less collagen as it gets older, skin loses its elasticity. Looser skin then causes parts of the body, including the eyelids, to appear droopy.

Simultaneously, eyelid muscles weaken with age. Fat that once gave your face youthful contours begins to slide downward, creating a heavy brow that weighs down the upper eyelids.

Plastic Surgery Can Help

For most patients, lifting the upper eyelid to widen the eye is best achieved with upper blepharoplasty. This surgery involves removing excess skin and fat just above the eye to make it easier for the eye to open completely. Dr. Coscia can also tighten the eyelid muscles to strengthen them for improved functionality.

In some cases where excess skin and fat on the brow are the main components weighing the eyelid down, brow lift may be the more appropriate solution. Once relieved of this added pressure from the forehead, the eyelid can open more fully.

Although lower blepharoplasty is a separate procedure, it is often combined with upper blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the eyes more completely. This surgery focuses on smoothing out the skin and tissues just below the eyes to eliminate bags and avoid a “sunken in” appearance.

Upper Eyelid Surgery Results

One of the main reasons that upper blepharoplasty is so popular is that it is effective yet subtle. Friends usually cannot pinpoint why the patient looks better and tend to attribute the change to getting more sleep.

Upper eyelid surgery results last about seven years before the aging process causes the upper lids to sag and weaken once again. Patients who remain a good candidate for the surgery can repeat it to maintain their results.

Speak to a Leading Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

If you are displeased with having low hanging eyelids and narrower eyes, you may enjoy the rejuvenating effects of upper blepharoplasty. For the best results and attentive, personalized care, choose one of the top-reviewed plastic surgeons in Northern California: Dr. Coscia. Call 916-773-5559 (Granite Bay) or 916-929-1833 (Sacramento) to schedule a consultation.

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