Do Your Research

Doing some preliminary research on facelift ahead of time can help you have a more productive conversation with your plastic surgeon. You will have a baseline understanding of the steps involved with the surgery and the general recovery process. If some aspects of facelift surgery do not make sense, your surgeon can clarify during your consultation.

Write Down a List of Questions

As you do your research, prepare a list of questions for your plastic surgeon. Writing them down on a notepad or as a note in your smartphone is useful so you don’t forget any questions in the moment. You may want to inquire about the surgeon’s particular experience with facelift, where the surgery will take place, what type of anesthesia will be used and how long it will take for you to resume work or school after surgery.

Have Specific Ideas of What You’d Like To Improve

Your plastic surgeon may open up the conversation by asking how he or she can help you. At this point, they will listen to you as you describe your expectations, and then provide feedback on whether those expectations are achievable with facelift.

Be prepared to describe in detail what you would like to achieve from surgery. Instead of saying, “I’d like to look younger,” pinpoint what it is that you want to improve. For example, you could say you’d like to get rid of fleshy jowls along your jawline, or soften creases around the corners of your nose or mouth.

Be Prepared To Discuss Your Medical History

To ensure proper planning and safety, your plastic surgeon will ask you questions about your current health and any medical conditions you have. Be prepared to discuss any problems and medications that you take.

Ask for Before-and-after Photographs

Looking at before-and-after patient photos is important to determine whether your aesthetic style aligns with that of your surgeon. Experienced, talented plastic surgeons have plenty of happy patients and are usually proud to show you before-and-after photographs that demonstrate the quality of their facelift results.

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