How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

BBLA Brazilian butt lift is a very popular procedure designed to enhance and amplify the look of a person’s buttocks – all while using their own natural fat. Unlike butt augmentation with implants – which carry the risk of rejection and can often look unnatural –  the Brazilian butt lift carries no risks for rejection and feels just as real as it looks.

There are so many pros to undergoing a Brazilian butt lift – especially if you’ve wanted to embrace a more curvy backside. But maybe one factor has been holding you back from booking the treatment:

“How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?”

In general, the average cost of the Brazilian butt lift in the Sacramento area is $8000, although costs can range anywhere from $4200 to $12000, depending on the plastic surgeon you use.

So how did plastic surgeons get to this price? Take a look:

  • There’s a lot involved in the Brazilian butt lift procedure. First, your plastic surgeon will use liposuction to harvest fat from key areas of your body, like the stomach or thighs. This fat needs to be cleaned and prepared for injection in key areas of the buttocks. Your plastic surgeon will need to spend time injecting the fat in specific areas of the buttocks to ensure your results look as natural as possible.
  • This average cost usually includes medical fees, anesthesia, and medications.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t want to undergo a Brazilian butt lift that’s too Remember, this is your body we’re talking about here – and discount plastic surgery can really impact your life if it’s performed incorrectly. You want to see a plastic surgeon who is experienced, has a strong portfolio, and takes the time to understand you. This means you’ll want to find a plastic surgeon who quotes you around that $8000 or above mar.

Want to learn more about how much a Brazilian butt lift will cost? Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia at his new plastic surgery practice in Granite Bay, CA.  Dr. Coscia’s practice also serves the greater Roseville and Sacramento metro areas. Granite Bay (916) 773-5559 and Sacramento (916) 929-1833

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