When looking in the mirror, it can be difficult not to fixate on some of the changes you see on you face. Aging is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it easier to accept some of the physical differences, which can leave you feeling less attractive and confident. In this blog, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rudy Coscia shares several of the changes you can expect to notice as you get older, as well as some of the procedures he offers to rejuvenate the face.

Age-Related Changes to the Face

Loss in Facial Volume

Perhaps the most prominent trait that differentiates a young face from an old one is volume. Fat and volume add fullness to  your skin, which creates appealing contours. However, with age, fat droops, leaving sunken cheeks and deep hollows below your eyes. This results in a gaunter appearance.

Skin Loses Its Elasticity

Over time, your body naturally decreases its production of two proteins that are responsible for keeping the skin tight: collagen and elastin. Without elasticity, your skin gradually sags. Most noticeably, sagging skin rounds out the bottom of your face, blurring the youthful definition of your jawline.

Lines Become Semi-Permanent

When you make facial expressions, lines appear on your face. On young, supple skin, these lines vanish as soon as your face returns to a resting position. However, on older skin, these indentations can linger for longer and longer stretches of time, to the point where they become essentially permanent.

Ears Keep Growing

Although most parts of your body stop growing by the time you finish puberty, one exception is your ears. The cartilage in your ears expands indefinitely, which means your ears gradually get bigger. In your later years, this may make your ears look disproportionate with the rest of your face.

Nose Points Downward

The cartilage on your nasal tip loses its strength as you age. Consequently, a nose that once pointed slightly upward or straight forward can develop a drooping effect that ages the face.

Cosmetic Solutions

Not every physical change to the face is intolerable. You may embrace several of these changes as indicators of a life well lived. However, if there are certain signs of aging that you would like to reverse, Dr. Coscia offers a variety of procedures that can rejuvenate your face:

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