What to Do after Eyelid Surgery

Do follow your incision aftercare instructions from Dr. Coscia. He will prescribe eyedrops to keep your eyes moist and/or ointment to apply to the healing incisions. Use those products as directed.

Do take time off from work and your day-to-day routine to allow your eyes time to recuperate. The general rule of thumb is to block off at least one or two weeks on your calendar so you can focus exclusively on resting and relaxing.

Do be mindful of activities that can strain or stress your healing eyes. Even reading a long book or watching an entire season of a television show can be uncomfortable in the days immediately following surgery. You may find it more comfortable to listen to audiobooks or podcasts during this time.

Do protect your eyes from sun and wind when going outdoors. Wraparound sunglasses block out the elements very well; adding a hat offers extra protection. Ask Dr. Coscia about applying sunscreen to your healing eye area if you know you’ll be outside for long periods of time.

What Not to Do after Eyelid Surgery

Do not press or rub your healing eyelids. You could transmit bacteria that leads to an infection, or simply irritate your incisions.

Do not push yourself physically as you recover. Healing from surgery requires a lot of energy, so take it easy while you recuperate. Get plenty of rest, even if that means taking several naps a day. Also, be aware that excessive activity can increase blood flow to your healing eyes and cause bleeding. Follow Dr. Coscia’s guidelines for returning to exercise and other physical activities.

Do not smoke. Smoking increases the risk of post-operative complications and slows down the healing process.

Do not ignore signs of an infection or other problem. Complications after eyelid surgery are rare but can happen. If you develop excessive bleeding, yellow or green discharge from the incisions, fever or pain that gets worse in the days following surgery, contact Dr. Coscia promptly.

Do not skip your follow-up appointments with Dr. Coscia. During these visits, he removes stitches, checks your eyelids’ healing progress and answers your questions.

For more information about eyelid surgery recovery and aftercare, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Coscia. Call or email our practice today.

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