Breast asymmetry refers to a difference in the shape, size, position, and appearance of the breasts; for example, one of the breasts may be noticeably larger than the other. This appearance can be a source of insecurity in many patients. In some cases, only one breast may need surgery to match the other, while other cases may require a surgical option that would benefit both breasts to improve their overall appearance. Dr. Coscia has experience creating custom treatment plans for a range of patients, including those experiencing breast asymmetry. Below, explore the procedures that can best help you achieve symmetry.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is performed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. This is especially helpful when patients want to improve symmetry between the breasts. When one breast is smaller than the other, patients may opt for implants to change the size of the breasts so they are symmetrical. Individuals already undergoing breast augmentation surgery may even take it as an opportunity to significantly increase the size of both breasts. Naturally, this would require placing implants that differ in size. Dr Coscia will be able to determine exactly which implant type and size would provide you with the desired result.

Breast Reduction

Another option for those interested in improving their asymmetrical breasts is breast reduction. With this surgery, breast tissue can be taken from the breasts so that they are the same size. Even mild asymmetry can be corrected with breast reduction surgery. During the surgery, the breasts will also be lifted to a more aesthetic location, and the areolas may also be reduced to produce a more attractive breast contour and appearance. The result is smaller, perkier breasts that are symmetrical.

Are These Options Right for You?

Breast surgery to achieve symmetry may be a good fit for the following people:

  • Individuals who enjoy good health
  • Patients who do not smoke or use tobacco, as this could impede healing
  • Those who are ready to dedicate time towards recovery
  • Patients who have realistic expectations regarding their surgical outcomes
  • Individuals are prepared mentally and emotionally to restore their breasts and body image

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Asymmetrical breasts are responsible for a host of problems. They are often hard to conceal with clothing and may draw unwanted attention; even finding the right undergarments can be a challenge, especially in cases of significant asymmetry. If you are ready to improve your look, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Coscia. Along with his welcoming and professional team, he is eager to help you look your best.

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