If you decide to have eyelid surgery, here are the types of changes you can expect to notice about yourself afterward:

A Rested Appearance

Dark bags beneath the eyes are commonly associated with a lack of sleep. As your face ages, however, hollows naturally form in this area, creating permanent bags. Consequentially, you may look perpetually tired to others, regardless of whether you had a full night of sleep. After repositioning the fat and skin below the eyes, you will see that you look more alert and refreshed than you had before the surgery.

Wider Eyes

Another consequence of aging is that the upper eyelids start to sag, covering more of your eyeballs. Excess fat and skin on the brow push downward, giving the eyelids a hooded effect. After upper blepharoplasty, with that extra weight removed, the eyelids regain their ability to stay open wider.

Happier Facial Expressions

You and your friends may also recognize a cheerful positivity emitting from your face after blepharoplasty. While part of that can be attributed to being satisfied with the surgical results, having wider eyes also plays a significant role. Since squinting expressions are often associated with anger or judgment, addressing the droopiness of the eyelids can revive your eyes’ ability to convey your mood more accurately.


Many plastic surgery procedures aim to make you look younger, and eyelid surgery is no exception. Patients tend to look several years younger after blepharoplasty, and those results can last for several years. By reversing cosmetic aspects that are common with aging, you may notice that your eyes look more like they did in photos from a decade prior.

Discuss Eyelid Lift for Facial Rejuvenation

Perhaps the No. 1 benefit of eyelid surgery is that while the changes are obvious to you — someone who may be critical of your own flaws when looking in the mirror — your friends and colleagues can have a difficult time identifying these changes as cosmetic surgery. Often, they assume your refreshed appearance is the result of better sleep, a new skin care or makeup routine or a positive attitude.

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