My breasts will look huge and fake.

Your breasts can look as big or as natural as you would like after surgery. Nowadays, more women are opting for smaller implants to achieve a subtle boost in breast size and fullness. If you want to avoid oversized breasts that look fake, Dr. Coscia can guide you through your implant options and help you pick a pair that provides natural-looking results.

Breast augmentation will help improve the look of my sagging breasts.

Placing implants, especially large implants, in breasts that sag is more likely to weigh down the natural breast tissue and accentuate the sagging. If you have sagging breasts, Dr. Coscia can perform a breast lift at the time of implant placement to give you perkier and bigger breasts.

I will be in pain after surgery.

Significant pain after surgery is rare as surgical techniques have improved. Dr. Coscia prescribes pain medication to help alleviate mild discomfort after surgery.

I will have to take a lot of time off work to recover.

Most of Dr. Coscia’s breast augmentation patients are able to return to desk or sedentary jobs about a week after surgery. (If you work a physically demanding job, you may want to take a few additional days off to recuperate.)

I will have to replace my implants every 10 years.

Breast implants do not come with an expiration date. The only scenario in which you would need to replace your implants is if you no longer like the look of them, or if they develop a problem such as a rupture or leak. If you still love the way your breasts look after 10 years (or longer!) and they are in good shape, they can stay in place.

I can’t afford breast implants.

Financing options make it simpler to fit breast implants into your budget. Plans through financing companies like CareCredit enable you to break up the cost of your surgery into affordable monthly payments (sometimes with no interest or down payments). Our patient coordinator is happy to answer any questions you have about breast implant financing.

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