Proper Implant Sizing

An important part of the breast augmentation planning process is selecting the right implant size. As you and Dr. Coscia discuss your options, try not to get caught up on the cubic centimeters (cc’s) of an implant or on breast cup size. C-cup breasts or 400cc implants will look very different on you than they would on a curvier woman. It is more important to think about the look or proportions you hope to achieve with surgery. You may show Dr. Coscia photographs of a woman with a similar body type to you whose breasts you want to emulate. Based on what you show him or describe, he can find the best solution for your individual body type and goals.

Our office also uses a 3D imaging software program that allows you to “preview” how you would look with different implant sizes. Looking at computer-generated estimations of your body with different implants is extremely useful in narrowing down the selections.

Over vs. Under the Muscle

The size of your chosen implants isn’t the only important decision you’ll make. You and Dr. Coscia will also need to determine where to place your implants. Will they be positioned over your chest muscle or under it?

Usually leaner women with little natural breast tissue opt to have their implants placed beneath the muscle, because it provides more coverage for the implants. Placing the implants over the muscle may cause the edges of the implant to look more noticeable under the skin. In fact, in women with very thin tissue cover, visible implant rippling may be seen.

Implant Projection

If your breast augmentation goal is to enhance your body without making you look too “top heavy,” implant profile is another factor to consider. An implant’s profile describes how far out it projects from the chest. It may help to think of implants as similar to different types of shoes: You can choose from flats (low profile implants), short “kitten” heels (moderate profile implants) or stiletto heels (high profile implants).

High profile implants provide the most projection with the narrowest base. They often work well on narrow-chested women because they take up the least amount of “real estate” on the chest. If you have a wider chest, you may opt for a low-profile implant, which has a wider base and takes up more space. Dr. Coscia will take measurements of your chest to help you find the implant profile that best suits your anatomy and goals.

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