Perky, well-contoured breasts are often considered a hallmark of youth. Sagging breasts are often associated with aging, but it can also be an issue for younger women who have experienced significant weight fluctuations, been through pregnancy, or have poor skin quality. If you are a young woman who feels insecure about sagging breasts, you may wonder if breast lift surgery is right for you. Mastopexy, as breast lift surgery is known, can help correct sagging breasts, but young women may be hesitant to undergo the procedure due to concerns about scarring, breastfeeding, and the longevity of results. Continue reading as Dr. Coscia discusses the benefits of breast lift surgery on younger patients.

Common Causes of Breast Sagging

Fluctuations in weight: Significant weight gain or loss, such as pregnancy or breastfeeding-related weight fluctuations, can impact the appearance of the breasts.

Aging: The natural process of aging can lead to breasts that are less perky over time. For some women, this process happens earlier in life, or more rapidly, which may lead to the need for breast lift surgery earlier on.

Genetics: Sometimes, the appearance and position of the breasts are influenced in large part by genetics.

The Best Time to Get a Breast Lift

When it comes to breast lift, the reality is there is no ideal age to have the procedure done; it often depends on factors outside of age. With this in mind, you may be advised to wait for surgery in certain cases.

Generally, breast lift surgery should not occur until after your breasts are fully developed. For some women, breasts can continue to develop into their twenties, so it is important to wait for this process to be complete before changing the structure of the breasts.

If you are currently losing weight or plan to, you may be advised to postpone surgery until you reach a stable weight that you can maintain for some time. This helps to ensure optimal, long-lasting results when you have the surgery. It is recommended that you are close to or at your goal weight before breast lift surgery.

Learn More

Breast lift surgery can help women of all ages achieve younger, perkier looking breasts, and each procedure is as unique as the patient it is being performed on. A breast lift can also be combined with other cosmetic procedures, such as breast reduction or augmentation to give you the look you desire. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Coscia can help you understand if breast lift surgery is right for you. To schedule a consultation, call our Granite Bay location at 916-773-5559 or our Sacramento location at 916-929-1833.

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