Chin Implants

One of the most common ways Dr. Coscia adds definition to a chin is with an implant. This small, soft prosthetic is positioned against the chin bone. The size and material of the implant are selected to correspond with the patient’s aesthetic goals. Most patients select silicone because it looks and feels like natural tissue in the face. Both the procedure and ensuing recovery period are easy, and the results usually last for the rest of the patient’s life.

Fat Grafting

Another way to augment the chin is with fat grafting. This procedure harvests fat from a part of the body where fat is in surplus (often the stomach or thighs) and reinserts it in the face to add volume. The body recognizes its own fat cells and accepts most of them in their new location. This same procedure can be used to fill out sunken cheeks, thin lips and marionette lines.


While dermal fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane are most popular among patients who want to fill in lines to rejuvenate the face, they are also capable of adding volume to the chin. Injections of filler can add definition to the chin and improve the proportions of the face. The only significant downside to this approach is that the results from fillers are temporary. However, fillers do tend to last longer in the chin — up to two years, depending on the brand and the amount used.


Kybella is also an injectable, though its aim is different than most fillers. This FDA-approved treatment uses deoxycholic acid to destroy the fat cells around the chin. Although the treatment does not augment the chin, Kybella is a useful solution for people who formerly had a nicely defined chin that is now hidden beneath fat. Patients find that Kybella works quickly and that they do not experience downtime.


As the face ages, skin sags along the jawline, creating a jowly appearance. The presence of jowls detracts from the contours of the jawline as well as the chin. With facelift surgery, Dr. Coscia can remove fat and restore definition at the bottom of the face, both of which help to provide an attractive shape to the chin. Patients also benefit by seeing the wrinkles and lines around their mouth minimized.

Interested in Improving Your Chin?

Ultimately, the right procedure for you will depend on your specific aesthetic goals for your chin. Dr. Coscia is happy to discuss your options and offer his opinion during a consultation. Please contact his office to schedule an appointment today.

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