Case 13553

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Case Details

  • Male
  • 26-35


Preop and 1 year postop This is a 29 year-old male who is 6’1” tall. At 14 years-old he broke his nose and never had it repaired. Because of this he had severe airway obstruction through the left side of his nose. In addition, he had deviation of his nasal tip from the incident that caused further breathing issues and was noticeable cosmetically. Therefore, he underwent a rhinoplasty with a septoplasty. His septal deviation was addressed and resected with placement of a spreader graft to improve internal airflow. In addition, the lower portion of his septum and his columella was repaired, repositioned, and supported with cartilage grafts to improve nasal tip position and improve airflow externally. His dorsum was also slightly reduced to improve profile contour.