Case 13499

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Case Details

  • Female
  • 26-35


Preop and 2.5 months post op photos. This is a 33 yo female who is 5’11” and weighs 150 lbs. She previously had a breast augmentation 5 years ago and presented with asymmetry of her breasts with the right breast sitting higher than the left as well as asymmetry of shape of the breasts. In addition, she wanted to increase her breast size from a C cup to a full D cup. Therefore, her implants were removed and exchanged for 575 cc Mentor smooth round moderate plus profile silicone implants. To improve the shape and contour capsulotomies were performed for each breast to open up the implant pocket. Next, to improve the positioning of her breasts her right inframammary fold was lowered and then reinforced with capsulorrhaphy sutures.